Java: How To Create an Organize New Project

To make an organize project, you need to make a good structure. First of all, start by creating a new project (File->New->Java Project).Capture d’écran 2017-02-09 à 13.16.15.png I will name it “Tutorial” but you can name it like you want. Now that the project is created, let’s start to organize and make it easier to use it. Start by making a new Package (File->New->Package) capture-decran-2017-02-09-a-13-18-49and name it like that: A prefix like “com”, “net” or any prefix that you want and after, you will put your name or your company. Mine will look like that: com.simonbt . This package will contain your main files. But after, if later you want to add a new category like “open”, you will call the package “”.


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